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Hey,I need a professional or a good/decent person to make/edit my website.

I'll tell you what i need if you're willing to do it.

If you do a excellent job, i'll pay your more then i said.

Normal price for a OKAY website but better then mines 10$

Adding cool/good widgets + custom pictures, nav bar and replies things like that.


Now i don't have a lot of money so don't go outragous with the prices.

OR you can do it free.

I really want it to be done for free but i know most of you want to be paid and then i get scammed and they don't do there job.

So im asking, can you go first? i'll take a snapshot of my paypal to show proof.



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By website, do you mean website or do you mean your forum?

I'm fairly handy with making websites so I may be interested in helping you at least a bit if not more. Free of course Smile You'd have to send me some more details first and some information about the sort of stuff you want to add and rough layout before I decide for definite. You can send me a PM on here if you would like.

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