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1 Create an Awesome Background on 9/1/2012, 10:26 pm




This tutorial was made in Adobe Photoshop CS5.1 using no images at all. Impressed?

Here's the preview:

Now try it out yourself..

1. Create a new Photoshop Document of 1200x1000.
2. Make sure your Primary color is Black, and your Secondary is white... Like so:

3. Go to Filter -> Render -> Clouds

4. Go to Filter -> Pixelate -> Mezzotint -> Make sure it's Long Lines.

5. Go to Filter -> Blur -> Motion Blur... have your settings like this:

6. Use the Gradient Tool and Select a Rainbow.

7. Create a New Layer.

8. Make a Rainbow across the Screen like so

9. On the Rainbow layer, make it an overlay like so:

At this point, your image should look like this:

For the next few steps, we'll be adding a few minor details.

10. Go to Filter -> Render -> Lens Flare -> Adjust it to how you want it.

11. Create a rectangle over the center and set the opacity to 40ish%

12. Create your text on the banner.

13. You're done. Upload it to show me how it looks.

Here's my final:

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2 Re: Create an Awesome Background on 10/1/2012, 11:37 am



CSS Expert
Nice tutorial i may try this thanks for sharing.

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3 Re: Create an Awesome Background on 15/1/2012, 3:01 pm



Good Tutorial.

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4 Re: Create an Awesome Background on 22/4/2012, 5:57 pm



Interesting tutorial. I might have to try it soon when I have time in my computers class at school.

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5 Re: Create an Awesome Background on 6/7/2012, 8:47 pm



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real good works great

enjoy the tutorial



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