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1 Create a Simple, Glossy Logo [GIMP] on 17/2/2012, 11:17 pm



A bit of an old tutorial, but thought I'd post it anyway.
(Excuse the long page)


Difficulty: Beginner
Time: 5 Minutes

Step 1: New Image:
Create a new image. Approximately 400*125.
Step 2 - Adding Text:
Grab the text tool, and stretch across the ends of the canvas. Enter your text, and then center it.
Step 3 - Selecting Text:
Create a new layer and name it "Gradient - Name". Now right click on the layer with text, and select "Alpha to Selection". This will select your text.
Step 4 - Gradient Text:
Make sure you are on the layer "Gradient - Name". Drag a gradient from the bottom of the text to the top. Make sure it's a straight line.

I used the gradient entitled "Neon".
After this, you may delete the original text layer.
Step 5 - Bevel (Optional):
!! You can skip this step if you don't want a bevel !!

Go to: Layer // Duplicate Layer.
And then: Filters // Decor // Add Bevel. Input the following settings:

And then hit OK. (A new image will appear. We will work this from now on.)
Rename the new layer "Bevel" and lower the opacity to about 30%
Step 6 - Text Border:
Create a new layer and move it under all your text layers. Name it "Border" or "Outline"

You should still have your text selected. [If you don't, repeat step 3 on your gradient layer]
Go to Select // Grow // 3 pixels.

Fill the selection with white.

Step 7 - Glossy Effects:
Make a new layer and call it "Gloss". Alpha select your gradient layer again. Then grab the Rectangular Selection tool and set it to "Intersect with the current selection". Drag across the canvas and about halfway down the text.

Fill this with white and set the opacity at about 25%
Step 8 - Drop Shadow:
Deselect by clicking outside the canvas with the magic wand tool or going to: Select // None.
Go to the layer "Border". Then go to Filters // Light and Shadow // Drop Shadow. Input the following settings and hit OK.

And you are done!
The Outcome:

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Hi, I checked out the forum link that was posted do they have it for Windows?

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Can you give me the link of GIMP ??

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