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1Important Members Loyalty Program on 30/3/2012, 4:45 pm

Hello Members,

Today we're bringing you another awesome update to enjoy.

Starting today, each month you will gain 100 points just for being registered, and 100 points for every 100 posts you make! Think of it as a bonus.

On top of this, Every referral made from you is worth 1000 points*


* User must fill out in profile upon registering and post in this thread that you reffered them.

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2Important Re: Members Loyalty Program on 30/3/2012, 4:46 pm

All Members have gained 100 points for the month of january.

Each member has gained 200 points for: February and March.

Members with more than 100 posts have gained 100 points.
Members with more than 200 posts have gained 200 points.

Referalls are updated.

1000 points to Niko for Refferal.
2000 points to drogba921 for refferal.
1000 points to Blacknite for refferal.

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