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1 Creating a Home Page on 3/4/2012, 5:00 pm

How to word this correctly...hmm! I'm no good at explaining things lol!

We'll say for example, that I don't like the "standard" portals of these forums! That I'd prefer something more intricate where I could provide a more refined structure. Such as, images, articles etc... (It would be easier if I could re-direct you to a website that has a similar look to what I'm looking for, so if you're confused, then please, pm me and I'll show you.)

Is this simply done by creating your page? Is this even possible? If not, I think there would need to go buy a hosting package, before I put a lot of work into my place.

Maybe I should be asking this on TFoF...

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2 Re: Creating a Home Page on 3/4/2012, 5:30 pm



The only real way to get a "homepage" that can take information from your forum is to have a portal page or a html page set as the index for the forum.

1) You could create a new portal page and drag the widgets where you want them and size up the left and right panels etc. You could even create some custom widgets to use on a portal page.

2) You could create your own html page and then set that as the index page for the forum. The problem with this is its harder to get the information from the forums such as news feeds and calendars etc.

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3 Re: Creating a Home Page on 3/4/2012, 5:47 pm

Pretty much what I had thought, when I ran my own poker forum I was able to create the templates using a ton that was provided by the company I bought my hosting from. Maybe I'll try option 2. Play around a little and see what I can do.

Thanks Vanilla Very Happy

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4 Re: Creating a Home Page on 5/4/2012, 9:38 am



My site:
uses a HTML page as the homepage but gets plenty of information from the forum such as recent topics, online stats and even displays the topics.

You should click 'include your forum header and footer', even if you don't want it there as it opens up a whole lot more possiblities. If you don't want it then you can hide it, but its almost essential in creating a good homepage from a HTML page.

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5 Re: Creating a Home Page on 5/4/2012, 10:00 am

Heya! I've been and had a little look! Will need to have a more in depth look later tonight when I have more time on my hands. Thanks Smile

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