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1 javascript or php+html form on 21/6/2012, 5:55 pm



I know how to make a html form with text box and submit button. But how do i get it to display the stuff from the text box on a another tab as html(the stuff in the text box is held with html page script) page,like the the w3school's "try it yourself" but pops into another tab.

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2 Re: javascript or php+html form on 21/6/2012, 9:00 pm



You can do that with JS, which is probably safer.

You can save a reference to a window that you open.

var new_window = properties etc);
new_window.document.write(textbox value);

Sorry that's a bit of a shortened version, i'm in a rush.
But look into method, it allows you to open another window and manipulate it, eg adding html to it from a textbox Wink

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