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I've tried to set the color to be #444444 in the body of this newsletter, but in spite efforts to change that to to #6d7b8d the darker grey has carried over into the footer (anything below the line break). It's very frustrating. Any help would be appreciated. Apologies if it's messy, please scroll down to view the code. Thank you!


<style type="text/css">

<html><head><title>Julie M. Gallery


* {font-style : arial, verdana, sans-serif;}

p {font-size : 11pt; font-color : #444444; text-align :
justify; max-width : 600px;}

h1 {text-transform : uppercase; font-size : 12pt; color :
#F88017; font-weight : 200; max-width : 600px;}

h2 {text-transform : uppercase; font-weight : 200; max-width
: 600px;}

h3 {text-transform : uppercase; font-weight : lighter;
max-width : 600px;}

h4 { font-weight : lighter; max-width : 600px;}

h5 {font-size : 10pt; color : #6D7B8D; font-weight : 100;
letter-spacing: 1px; max-width : 600px;}

a {text-decoration : none;}

a:hover {color: #F88017;}

a.nav:hover { text-decoration: underline;}


<body link="#444444" alink="#F88017"

<font color="#444444" face="Arial,
sans-serif"> <br>

<a href= “”><img src=
width="600" border= “0”></a><br><br><br>

<p>Join us Thursday night for a taste of the exhibits
slated for this fall & spring, 2013: </p>


<h2>Through the Looking Glass</h2>

<h3>July 5 – August 12, 2012</h3>

<p>Opening Reception: Thursday, July 5, 6–9pm


<img src=



It gives us great pleasure to welcome <a href=
“”>Jiri Ladocha</a> &
<a href= “”>Mats
Nordstrom</a> to the Julie M. Gallery.  Please join them along with participating artist <a href=
“”>Atsmon Ganor</a> at the
opening of <i>Through the Looking Glass</i>.  <br><br>Their work will be
shown alongside pieces by <a href= “”>Deganit
Berest</a>, <a href= “”>Anat
Betzer</a>, <a href= “”>Itamar
Jobani</a> & <a href= “”>Shai
Kremer</a>.  This exhibit
offers a variety of work in sculpture, photography, painting & video. Click
on any artist’s name to view their page on the Julie M. website.

link="#6D7B8D" alink="#F88017" vlink="#6D7B8D ">

<br><br><HR WIDTH="600"
COLOR="#6D7B8D" SIZE="1" align="left">

<h1>JULIE M. GALLERY</h1><h5>

Contact us at 416.602.2626<br></html><html>

<a href=
""></a> |

<a href=


<a href= "">15 Mill
Street, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M5A3R6</a><br><br>

Open Tues to Sat 11–6, Sun 12–5 or by appointment


<a href=
target="Twitter"> <img src=
align="right" width="50"></a>


<img src=
align="right" width="50"

<br><HR WIDTH="600"
COLOR="#6D7B8D" SIZE="1" align="left">


<a href=[UNSUBSCRIBE]>UNSUBSCRIBE</a><br><br><a




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* Just a quick note: I fixed the links that were failing to work. Still haven't cracked the default link color issue.

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Where you have this line: a {text-decoration : none;}
Just add yourself a color: a {text-decoration : none; color: #444}

Setting colors in the body tag is very outdated and some browsers ignore it nowadays since it was deprecated a long time ago.
Same with the center tag, and font tag. You also need to close your head tag. Your HTML shouldn't have 2 body tags in too.
So there's a reasonable amounts of invalidism in the HTML.

I'd say you learnt HTML from an old source, and should look for a more recent updated tutorial or place to learn.

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Thank you so much! I'll give it a go.

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