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1 Re: Emanuel. on 27/1/2012, 7:35 am



Hello, my name is Emmanuel, born on July 30, 1995, I am 15 years old, brown hair am I brown eyes are in romania, Dolj county, city of Craiova.
Most know me on the internet under the name of Emmanuel, I was manager of liken MotanelTutorials a while, I was in that period was his Andreitm forum, but after I have withdrawn and the time I founded my own forum.
My hobbies are internet following, I really like to encode, to give life to do things that seem impossible, to discover how to apply how to do so ... May I also enjoy web design but I focused too much to him (and there are no expert in it) ... I know the basics so I can handle ... more I liked the coding so it was easy to start with the time I was imvat imvatat what effect each CSS / HTML / Java Script / etc ... So much design and coding.

Let's talk a bit about music, well in that department and I like RAP HOUSE, and I and how will your favorite artist, and those find the following:
Inna, I really like how singing, I love this girl come to life when a listening (as I simpt reimviat).

Cheloo, is the person who tells only truth, and make quality rap, He reveals the racist towards gypsies.

In Chapter films not really what to say, I do not watch the right movies.

And I said what I like to do on the internet to say what I like to do in real life ...
Well I like to play football.
I like to do basic to have fun.
I like to socialize with people you can.
And many other lucrurii ....

And that was all .....
I hope to get along well!

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Hey Emmanuel!

Welcome to CodingHelp. Very nice intro.

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3 Emanuel. on 27/1/2012, 10:05 am




Thank you.
Well I found!

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