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1 Rock Legend Jimmy Hendrix on 7/11/2011, 9:48 pm



Beta Tester
Jimmy Hendrix,

Truly a ground breaking artist and muscian for his time.
During the 60's when he came out there was a lot of crazy stuff happening, You had the civil rights movement taken place, then a black man playing what the media said back then, White mans music, So the hippies dint know what to think, and a lot of black people of the time frowned upon his talents, So it was suggested by Jimmies manger at the time that he would be better off going to England and try to break the foundoution of his carer there. Well thats exactly what he did, England and much of Europe was amazed and other surrounding well known guitar players such as Eric Clapton from Cream, and Pete Townsend From the Who were just astonished by his guitar playing abilities.

JIMMY really upped the game and many did not know if they would be able to even keep up with such amazing abilities such as Jimmies.. Never the less Jimmie made it back to the us In 1969 and played Woodstock festival, mesmerizing the audience with his unique sound and special rendition of the star spangled banner. Jimmy was then pretty much accepted, and went to have record 4 official albums before his death by OD barbiturates in 1970, It was rumored that the paramedics on the scene actually had purposely let Jimmy die, Although there was never any real proof nor was their any real investigation that took place.


For this one i just cut him out from a poster,
Found the background i wanted to use, then went settings crazy, i did some textures with a couple translucent imaging Trix's to get the scratches and dust effect.

Downloaded the font from all free fonts there and free for use, and just did some crazy layering with various effects, even black and white believe it or not,

for the text just some granite with noise and spiral on the angel.. All and all it's the adjusting that took forever with this one. Not a piece for adding a lot of images this time.

I was trying to shoot for more of a 70's type vintage look.
Not sure if i got it how i was envisioning it, but is what it is.

Hope yous enjoy, thanx

Oh the font for this is called shagadelic, but i am sure there are many more vintage psychedelic 60's styles i could have chosen, just went with that one for this Smile

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2 Re: Rock Legend Jimmy Hendrix on 7/11/2011, 9:52 pm



I like it, however I'm not too keen on the font.

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3 Re: Rock Legend Jimmy Hendrix on 7/11/2011, 10:18 pm



Beta Tester
yeah fonts can be a pain sometimes. Sad
I just got tired and had to settle on something.
So I'll just move on to the next piece and try to learn from each one Smile

Thanx man!!!! cheers

i can write a better small article too.. lol. just a draft, I'm to tired...

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4 Re: Rock Legend Jimmy Hendrix on 22/4/2012, 4:41 pm



That looks really cool just I think the font looks a little out of place. Like you said its very hard to chiose though so I think overal you did a great job

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