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Hi, I am new here and it is usually poor form to ask for help without providing for others but I assure you, I help on other forums I have expertise in for newbies all the time.
I have an email form I need some help with. Using Zapier to make 2 systems talk to each other, I can send a form which sends and email to trigger things which works almost perfectly.
The only problem is I am sending an amount which in plain text is $AU250.
The second system is unable to recognise the $AU part, only the raw dollars.
The sender email can include anything I like including html codes etc so I can include anything I choose, it just needs to trigger a result in plain text to appear on the email of just the dollar amount.
I hope this makes sense and some nice person has the right code in their head to make it work for me.
I have spent some time researching possible solutions but I think I am missing something important I just dont understand.

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