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Note: If you own a ForuMotion forum, you can earn real cash Vis PayPal or the cash will be converted into credits if you give me the donation link to your forum.

Win $20 US Monthly ( not sure how much FM credits it is if you convert it )

Link of 1st auction:
2nd auction coming today or tomorrow. Stay tuned!

Forum Details Below :

Forum Name: CrazyIM
Forum URL:
Category of Forum: Smartphone
Forum Language: English
Forum Description: 1 month old smartphone forum powered by xenForo, design by me.

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The Media Room has been upgraded.
- A few bugs were squashed from its previous release & small updates.

Check it out:
There are lots of crazy, funny and interesting videos to look at.

Why Join

Earn $20 US Via PayPal ( or ForuMotion forum - donation link )

More details:

Meet New People and Communicate Via Live Chat

( screenshot was taken while the forums weren't public.. )

Smartphone Talk

Talk about smartphones and get help on choosing the right smartphone.

For Gamers & Graphic Designers

There's both a gaming and graphic design category.
Talk about games and show off your latest work. Find interesting stuff in our Resource Forum.


Create your very own Shop. Send, receive and earn Crazy Coins ( earned by posting ).
It's all automated.

Play Multiplayer Games with Friends

You heard right. At, you can play multiplayer games with other members of the community.

Games such as :

- Chess
- Checkers
- Pool
- Marbles
- MineSweeper
- Darts
- Tic Tac Toe
- lots more games.. ( over 25 multiplayer games to choose from )

If that's not enough, there's always single player games. ( over 40 great games )

Sign up now for FREE.

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Valued Member
Great forum & idea Marc!
Hows business going for you?

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Dazation wrote:Hows business going for you?
Just so you know, this is a non-profit forum, Wink I might have to monetize when the server bill gets sky-high, but currently I've purchased a VPS, dedicated to hosting this one forum, Wink So I shouldn't run into any issues anytime soon... Cool

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