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1 Passing hidden values via form post on 30/4/2013, 5:35 pm



So, I'm having a few issues with coming up with the correct code, to be able to track some information from PPC campiagns, to a landing page, then finally into a lead management system (Leads360).

Here's what I've got:

        <div class='gform_footer top_label'> <input type='submit' id='gform_submit_button_3' class='button gform_button' value='Send Request' tabindex='11' /><input type='hidden' name='gform_ajax' value='form_id=3&title=&description=' />
            <input type='hidden' class='gform_hidden' name='is_submit_3' value='1' />
            <input type='hidden' class='gform_hidden' name='gform_submit' value='3' />
            <input type='hidden' class='gform_hidden' name='gform_unique_id' value='51802aaee3353' />
            <input type='hidden' class='gform_hidden' name='state_3' value='YToyOntpOjA7czo2OiJhOjA6e30iO2k6MTtzOjMyOiI1ZTM5ZTZhMzM0NzMyODY2ZjU2OWI2NTQ0YWQxMzhkNiI7fQ==' />
            <input type='hidden' class='gform_hidden' name='gform_target_page_number_3' id='gform_target_page_number_3' value='0' />
            <input type='hidden' class='gform_hidden' name='gform_source_page_number_3' id='gform_source_page_number_3' value='1' />
            <input type='hidden' name='gform_field_values' value='' />
These are the hidden fields currently used. But, I would like to be able to pass keyword and search engine into the lead management system also, by adding this to the end of the destination URL's:


I've come up with what I believe to be the correct addition to be able to pass those values, but I'm a rookie and need a more seasoned coder's help. Here's what I have, to include in the code above:

<!-- <input type='hidden' class='gform_hidden' name=’type' value= Search--Keyword- /> -->
<input type='hidden' class='gform_hidden' name=’type' value= />
<input type='hidden' class='gform_hidden' name=’keywords' value= />

Which, in theory, should then populate with the corresponding search engine and keyword that was used to drive the visitor to the landing page.

Any help here would be appreciated! Thanks for reading through my mess of a post.

Thanks! ~Kelly~ Very Happy

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